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The Ultimate Wedding Checklist

There’s no doubt that Indian Weddings are larger than life. The amount of time and energy invested in planning a wedding can be utilized to build an entire city!

As someone who is about to get married, you are constantly juggling between various emotions and subsequently, are busy with different preparations. To make your wedding a smooth process, we at Destination Wedding In Himachal have come up with the ultimate wedding checklist so that you do not miss out on anything.

The blog will be in a series to help you turn your dreams into reality.

First of all, you need to decide whether you want a glamorous, big-fat Indian wedding or a simple wedding surrounded by the people who you love. Setting the priorities at the beginning is very crucial to avoid confusion at the end.

  • Set a Budget

    When you decide how you want your wedding to be, it is necessary to set a budget. Often we forget to keep track of our expenses which leads to overspending.

  • Wedding Timeline

    You need to make a list of ceremonies and also the things required for each ritual, for example, sangeet, haldi, mehendi ceremony, and the wedding itself. Prepare what you want the menu to be and the decoration for each event. Talk to your near ones and brief them about how you want each ceremony to be carried out. They can plan on wearing the same colored dresses to make an amazing bride or groom gang!

  • Preparing a Guest List

    You certainly don’t want to forget your uncle’s wife’s sister’s daughter’s niece at your wedding stating the importance of the guests, since mehmaan toh bhagwaan hote hai! Therefore, it is essential to make a guest list beforehand so that you do not forget to send an invite to someone who would otherwise end up being upset with you on your big day.
    As we provide wedding services in Destination Wedding In Himachal is set to make your special day more special with its ultimate checklist.

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